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Scuba Diving in Phuket Price Guide | What Can I Expect?


Welcome to our price guide for scuba diving in Phuket. What we aim to achieve here is a rough guide of costs for your days in the water. Everything from courses to gear hire as best we can.

Thailand is renowned as a great place for learning to scuba dive. The prices have always been affordable, even with an expensive Thai Baht. What you get for your money also is diving in utter paradise, the amazing Thai cuisine and laid back hospitality of the Thai people. Hence Phuket makes for one of the best holiday destinations known.

Prices for Scuba Diving in Phuket

There are a few things to bear in mind with the differences in prices. Firstly, some courses may be held on less days than others. Trips may be to different destinations and include transfers. Also, some prices may include things like equipment already. The below table is so that you can get an idea on price for scuba diving in Phuket.


For those of you with a slightly higher budget there are many liveaboard options in Phuket. The main areas where they operate are the Similan and Surin national parks and are the best way to visit those sites. Our favourite is The Junk (also happens to be Scaramanga’s boat from the film Man with the Golden Gun, for any James Bond nerds)

Featured Image by Jason Dean Chamberlain on Unsplash